About My Bruthas Closet image with Jon Loewen

"From a young age I was the kid to call for that one unique piece of clothing. My friends, and my brothers would raid my closet to make a fashion statement; whether it be for a party or event, by wearing that ‘Legacy’ piece that would be the topic of conversation."

This is a collection inspired by the 90’s TV series ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’. In the series Will Smith goes to a Prep School where all the students dress in the same uniform. Will is the only student that wears his blazer inside out which shows bright colours and paisley patterns on the inside lining. He stands out, is unlike anyone else, and is able to express himself through his fashion and the way he mixes his outfits.

My Bruthas Closet strives to be unique and unlike any other Dungaree. Showcasing the fabric content, the versatility and fresh style when worn down revealing the unique patterns, colours, and designs shown in the lining of the bib and straps in ‘The Classic’ and ‘The Formal’. Bringing together a new and old school style makes MBC Dungarees a head turner and has people asking, “What are those?”